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Dead Island 2 Trailer Isn't as Artful as the Original, but Is Still Plenty Horrifying (Adfreak)

The 2011 trailer for the original Dead Island is one of the most notorious video game ads ever made. It won a gold Lion in Cannes that year, yet it was booed at the screening in the Palais and is certainly tough to stomach–though incredibly artful as well, as the reverse footage gave it an otherworldly and strangely moving sense of dread. (Adweek named it one of the year's 10 best ads.)
This week at E3, the trailer for the much-anticipated Dead Island 2 was unleashed. It's still plenty gory, though less haunting and more goofy-scary. The game's setting is actually no longer an island but all of California, and the trailer takes place on a sunny boardwalk by the Pacific Ocean, as a jogger heads out for a run that quickly becomes infested with zombies.
This one won't win any awards, but it's a more than adequate reintroduction to the franchise. Now you just have to wait until 2015 for the actual game to come out.
_Warning: Spot is graphic and may be disturbing to some viewers._.

Questions and Answers

How can I get ad sponsors for Video Games?

I have recently started making a group for online gaming, and sometime in the future I'd like to host LAN tournaments with real cash prizes. Unfortunately, that kind of thing costs money. A LOT of money. So, I'm wondering how I could get some sort of sponsor or ad system going for inserting ads into tournament coverage, maps, and around the tourney area.

Posted by Zak S

Email, call, and go to companies that you think would sponsor such a thing… Perhaps a TV company, gaming company, and so on. What I mean by "would sponsor" is some that actually would have an interest in it or have some connection to it (i.e: if you're starting a basketball tournament you don't get a company that makes hockey skates to sponsor it).

Anyways, just try your best to persaude them… But you'll probably have to do some LANs first and start making it a regular thing where people eventually start showing up. I doubt anyone will sponsor an unknown person.

A good idea might be to spread word about your first LAN tourny and make the players/teams have an entry fee for competition. Say 5$ or 10$ per person. And then figure out the rest from there….

New Video Game?

I have an idea for a vide game that I have copywritten and I need to try and develop a prototype. Any ideas on how I can do this. I am a stay at home mom so finances are tight. I really believe in this game idea and would like to make a difference. It is a game that I believe will help save lives.

Posted by suzy

I highly recommend that you run down to Barnes & Noble and purchase two or three books on video game development. Then, post an ad or two on this site and Craigslist looking for a partner to help with the technical side. You might have to buy the artist/programmer food and mountain dew.

Another alternative is to write up a proposal along with some sketches of the main characters and settings. Still read the books to make sure that you include all of the important details. Once you write up the formal proposal, see if anyone you know has a friend at a gaming company. Ask that person who you can submit your game idea to at each company.

The books will help you determine the demographic and how to set the game up.

I don't mention any specific books. I've read four and they all pretty much say the same thing.

Guy selling illigal video games on classified ad?

Ok there is this guy that is selling a brand r4 revelution card for 60 bucks. He Promises 60 free games on the card.less than 2 dollars a game he says. The thing is im possitive the games are illigal. He has already sold one of them and now he has just ordered like 20 of them to resell illigaly. Also the card he sells is on dealextreme for 10 bucks. His listing is on a classied ad online.

Is there a website where i can report this son of a gun
if hes causing other people to lose money i can make him lose money.

Posted by miller

Email all of the information you have on him and his illegal activities to any/all of the game owners & let them prosecute him for the illegal activities.

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